Who We Are

We are Peoples Charitable Trust

We, a group of students started as Helping Hands with a cause to support our lecturer financially for his heart surgery in the P.R.Govt. Degree College, Kakinada. We collected amount from our college students and helped him to go through the surgery successfully in March 2012. With our principal’s words about teamwork that we had done to help him, we got motivated and thought to initiate an organisation to help the needy. So we renamed it with our college name as Helping Hands Of PRGC to get more support from our whole college. We started collecting funds and helped a few people like getting Group Hearing Machines for deaf students so that they can listen to their lessons easily, we did our best to help people in Uppada which got affected by Hud-hud Cyclone etc by the end of the our education period(2014).

After completion of our studies, we settled in different places with respect to our careers and we got no other choice but to discontinue this activity. Suddenly we got to know that a 8 year boy needs help financially to transplant his 'Bone Marrow'. So immediately we started collecting funds with the help of our college juniors. We collected a good amount ( 25,000 INR ) to help him in this emergency situation within short time and we were happy with our team work. All our college lecturers and students started inquiring about us on how it’s going with charity whenever we went to college. Sometimes we got advices from people around us not to stop our activities that are helping many in need. We heard them saying things like good deeds like this give more happiness which we never get with any other work. With these inspirational words and trust we decided to form an NGO(Non Profitable Organization) with a team of 11 members. Finally we formed the NGO officially as HELPING HANDS OF MOTHER TERESA ORGANIZATION with 108/2016 as registration number.

We came to know that there is another organisation with similar name and also need to follow NGO's rules those are very difficult for us to gather every month in Kakinada. So we decided to continue social service as a Trust with a new name and so that it doesn’t look similar to any others. Hence we changed the name to PEOPLES CHARITABLE TRUST with Reg.No.11/2018.

How can we help?


Supporting for education is not only for an individual, we are heading towards a bright future of a generation of kids. It’s the basic and every child’s right to have proper education.


There are lot many underprivileged who are suffering from various health issues and constantly ending up their lives without proper medication and support. We are joining our hands to support at least few of them for their well-being ness.


No one has ever become poor by giving their time and efforts for something worthy. We believe there is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a trustworthy organisation to help the needy and reach out to the less privileged to make a difference, here we are to help you reach that goal and the reasons why you should partner with Peoples Charitable Trust.

We have an intensive team who can thoroughly identify the requests and go through various aspects in which we can help the right and needy.

We are committed to transparency at all levels of functioning and are accountable to all our trust members and contributors. We will keep a record for each and every contribution and the respective donation to whom we are donating. We will be maintaining a document of all these transactions which we will be submitting to govt for audit purpose.

We work on a variety of issues that span the education, health, rural development, Social Activities, Animal care etc. We have an intensive and thorough process to identify programmes before disbursing the funds and monitor them until everything is completed without any issues.

We will never force our members to join any particular events or raise money for the same . We leave everything to our members like volunteering to an event or not but we do hope we will get more people and still it’s up to our members interest.

PCT works under below list of projects:
1. Financial support for below poverty line people, 2. Medical support for needy people, 3. Blood Donation, 4. Tribal, Rural and Govt. School Development, 5. Supporting physically challenged people, 6. Social awareness and Moral Values, 7. Career guidance and mentoring, 8. Save water and environment, 9. Education for everyone, 10. Supporting farmers, 11. Women safety and 12. Animal Care

Become A Volunteer

When we join our hands together we can help more. Little things can sum up for a big change in someone’s life

Governing Body:

Srinu Malladi

Co-Founder & Accountant CTO Sales & Tax Dept., Kakinada, AP

Key Members for well functioning :


Medical & Blood Donation Software Engineer Proddatur, AP