Providing Breakfast(85 students) in Primary Govt. School

Providing Breakfast(85 students) in Primary Govt. School

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Story behind the request:

I am Shobha Rani, working as headmistress in Primary Govt. School, Kurmapally village, Chinthapally, Devarakonda, Telangana. In our school, almost 80% of students used to come to school without having breakfast at home and remaining 20% used to eat rice with pickles as their breakfast. Children due to starving used to fall down and become unconscious in the morning hours. With empty stomach and hunger, children used to wait eagerly for the mid day meals provided by the Government from 11:00 AM itself. So we decided to ask someone to arrange breakfast in our school. But we don’t know that to whom needs to reach to full fill my children hungry stomachs.

As usual I worried about children in home. Suddenly my daughter(She is PCT member) listed and told about PCT. I have approached PCT to help my school children. PCT responded immediately and from the next day onwards started funding money to provide breakfast for all the students.

As a school Head Master, I have observed below changes in the children after providing break fast:

-Students are coming to school regularly with almost 100% attendance everyday
-Punctuality has increased
-Improvement in their Performance, Mood, Memory and have become very quick and alert
-Now kids are able to concentrate on their studies.
-Students health conditions has improved which in turn helped them in maintaining full attendance.

We are proud to announce that our school has become an inspiration for the surrounding schools in food provision as this is the second school in Nalgonda district which provides breakfast for their students. All this is possible only with the help of PCT. We, complete Kurmapally primary school staff and children congratulate and are very thankful to each and every member of PCT for making this event a grand success.

Followed by Ms. Supraja K

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