Private: Support Yugandhar who bedridden from 4Yrs due to accident

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Support a 34 years old Yugandhar who bedridden from last 4 years due to accident, Suryapet, TS.

Age: 34 Years
Required: 1 Lakh
Financial Condition: Poor
Monthly Income: 2,500/- per month
Family Member’s Support: His aged parents. They may help them physically only not financially
Yugandhar Condition: Yugandhar was met with an accident in 2015 and spinal cord injured at neck. So his both hands and legs are not able to support him to do anything. He is bed ridden from last 4 years. His wife is working as a nanny(2,500/- per month) in a govt. school under contract. He gets 3K as pension and spending 2,800/- for medicine. His both children are studying 2nd & 1st standard in govt school in that village. Still he is in same condition and looking for support to go to hospital for medical check-up. They just want to check with doctors. He is worrying about his children education.
Family Condition: Total family depends on his wife’s salary only i.e. 2,500/-. Both children are started education. So it will be little difficult further for their higher education. They can’t provide any single for occasion in future as well. So they are looking for some other support for getting some financial support.

PCT’s Impact: First we want to check with doctors. Based on the doctors advise will do some financial support and also looking for constructing a shop as well i.e. they have felt like it’s little bit good to have shop to get some support.

Verification process on 22nd Feb:
Our teammate met Mr. Yugandhar and his family in Tummalapenphad village, Suryapet, TS. Whatever we heard about this request is 100% genuine. They can come for check-up but not move to any place for the treatment. They are looking for other sources as well for getting some financial support. We took all medical documents to check with doctor. We will go forward based on doctor advise.

Update on 15th Feb:
We shared medical documents with one of the doctors and he confirmed that he can’t recover with medically. The only way is physiotherapy but 90% no chance. So we decided to proceed further with constructing shop to get continues financial support.

Update 2nd Mar:
Yugandhar contacted us and said “You people are planning to construct a shop. Right ?. Is it possible to spend that money for my children education ?. My wife is saying that may be it’s difficult to manage both school activities and shop”. Now we are little confused because they only said we are thinking for a shop to get some support. we have already discussed that how to manage both school activities and shop. They said no sir, we can manage. Our team decided to meet them once and finalize what needs to be good.

Please support us to help this family and make them happy with your donations. Thank you🙏🏻


Thanks & Regards,
PCT Team

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