Self Employment Support to a single independent Mrs. Lakshmi

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Support a mother to save from Blood Cancer & Bone Marrow to take care her 2 children

Age: 34 Years
Required: 1 Lakh to arrange Sewing machine, Materials and A small Tailor shop
Financial Condition: Very Poor
Monthly Income: No
Family Member’s Support: Husband left the family and stays separately. As of now her brother supports her family whatever he can.
Her Condition: She is suffering with blood cancer and bone marrow and taking medicine from the doctors of Trust hospital, Kakinada, AP. Due to medicine’s reaction she is unable to do any physical work continuously. So she stopped to work as maid servant.
Family Status: She is staying alone in her mother in law’s house with her two children and both children are studying in nearest govt. school. No pension also for her. Now her brother and few family members support her family whenever possible.
PCT’s Impact: After discussing with our team we decided to arrange sewing machine and dress materials asap to get some financial support. Also parallelly we are checking with the doctors as well to check for her treatment. Once we done then plan for treatment/tailor shop construction.

Verification on 24st Dec:
Our team went to their village, Peddauppalam, Narsipatnam road, AP for the verification process. Whatever we heard about this family is 100% genuine. We got to know that she doesn’t have any medical support from the govt and pension. So we checked with the Grama Panchayathi officer and planning to proceed as they advised. Also we requested local politicians to give approval to build shop for them to get some financial support.

Update on 12th Jan:
We have bought a new Sewing machine in Kakinda with help of Trinath(Tailor) Garu and handover to her at their house with help of our team.
Update on 5th Feb:
We contacted her regarding meet the doctor to know about her condition. She said that she will check with doctor once and let us know.

Update on 25th Mar:
We are contacted once again about doctor’s appointment. Mrs. Lakhmi garu confirmed that next month doctor will be available. So we informed same to medical coordinator Mr. Mahesh and he is following with her. Also we decided to arrange dress materials and requested list of materials and she said Okay. We will plan to handover once everything is ready.

Update on 19th Jun:
Our team Mr. Pavan Kumar and Mr. Apparao handed tailoring materials worth of Rs. 10,000.00/- to Mrs. Lakshmi Garu in Peddauppalam, Narsipatnam road, AP to start working on Sewing Machine. We are planning to make a shop in their house itself in one room. Thank you.

Thanks & Regards,
Team PCT

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